Get funded! Pitch your startup live online to investors and industry experts. Then get in front of dozens of active investors looking for startups just like yours!

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How it Works

Each month, high-potential startups looking to raise venture capital or angel funding are invited to pitch live, from wherever they are in the world, via the internet. During the session, Guest Investors provide feedback to help the entrepreneurs hone their stories, picking out the details that matter most, so they can get funded more quickly!

Entrepreneurs then take the feedback and the BizStart.Live Pitch Toolkit to create two, short videos:

  • a one minute "commercial" about their product or service
  • a two minute pitch to investors

BizStart.Live uses the videos to connect startups with active, relevant investors, and makes introductions to only those who are seriously interested. This saves time for both the entrepreneur and the investor!  What's more, entrepreneurs get to avoid travel expenses, and pitch from the comfort of their home or office, while capturing the undivided attention of investors who are actively looking  to invest in startups just like theirs!

This really is an incredible opportunity to reach deep into the "Silicon Valleys" of the world, in the most efficient way imaginable, and to do so with the support and guidance of Mentors who have been in your shoes before.

Why Apply?

You have one chance to get an investor to say, “Maybe.”

Investors are human, and busy humans at that, often receiving dozens, if not hundreds, of pitch decks and meeting requests every week. It is imperative that you 1) get them to notice you, and 2) get them interested enough to want to learn more. Investors won’t say, “Yes” on a first pitch; you just need to get them to “Maybe.”

BizStart.Live is designed to get you noticed by active, world-class investors who will be interested in your startup!  Here’s how we do it:

  • Live Feedback on your Pitch. Practice! Prominent investors and industry experts will listen to your pitch and help you identify the most important facts that will get investors excited. (Very often, this is NOT what the startup thinks it is!)
  • Pitch Toolkit. After your live Pitch session, you will receive a complete set of resources to help you perfect both your pitch deck and your video/elevator pitches. From deck templates and examples (tested and agreed by investors to be the best) to discounts on services for graphics, design and video production, you’ll have everything you need to implement what you learned in your pitch session.
  • Pitch Video Distribution. It’s no secret that video is engaging - you just can’t help but watch, especially if you know that the content was selected for you by someone who knows what you like. We will send your 1-minute video “commercial” and 2-minute video pitch to investors who have indicated an interest in startups like yours. Our network includes hundreds of active angels VCs, and we add more every day.
  • Investor Introductions. We then make email introductions to the investors who would like to learn more. At that point, we also send along your written pitch deck. These “vetted” investor intros make sure to save time, connecting you with those genuinely interested and looking to invest in companies’ like yours.

Live, Not Public!

Startups will be pitching live, in real time, but the sessions will NOT be open to the public.  This is to ensure that each startup feels comfortable discussing fundraising efforts without triggering certain issues regarding "public offerings," and to allow startups more time to focus on comments and questions from experts rather than audience members.

We will post screenshots and/or video snippets along with brief descriptions of the startups that were selected to pitch on the BizStart.Live Instagram page in the weeks following each session.

What to Expect

During your live pitch session, each selected startup will be allotted 9 minutes with the following breakdown:

4 min: Pitch - presentation and/or product demo, as relevant
5 min: Q&A - Get feedback from the guest investor and industry experts on which points will make other investors take notice.

After the live session, startups take the feedback and produce two, short videos. These can be as simple as you talking, using your phone to capture the video,  or as elaborate as a well-produced piece that you can also use for marketing.

Once you complete your videos, BizStart.Live will distribute them to appropriate investors and provide you with any feedback as well as make introductions so that you can continue the conversation and get funded! 

Types of Startups That Should Apply

Although BizStart.Live accepts entries from startups in any industry, from any geographical region and of any size or stage, those that have been most successful are early stage, looking for funds in Pre-seed, Seed, A and B rounds.

Startups that are interested in funding other than Venture Capital should also apply. Examples include those willing to consider debt (loans), royalties (share of revenue) and demand dividends (share of profit) models.

How to Enter

There are three rounds for each Pitch session. This process helps us get to know you and your startup better to make sure that you are a good fit for our investors and ensure that you will benefit from the BizStart.Live experience!

Round 1: Qualify!

Submit basic information about your startup or idea, along with an optional* 1 minute video about your company, here, or by clicking the giant button at the top of this page.

Then sit back and relax! Once we've reviewed your entry, we will notify you if you will be invited (aka "qualified") to continue to Round 2.

*For qualifying startups that submitted a video, we will select the best ones to post on the BizStart.Live Instagram page (up to one startup selected each day). The startup receiving the most likes each week will be featured as the Weekly People's Choice Winner. Weekly Winners' videos will then be shared on Facebook, Telegram and Twitter, giving your startup tons more exposure and the chance to capture even more LIKES. Before each Pitch session, the Startup with the most likes that month will be invited to Pitch during the live session as the Overall People's Choice Winner for that session.


Round 2: Apply! 

The top qualifying submissions will be invited to apply and provide additional information in order to be considered for BizStart.Live’s live Pitch day.

  • If selected, we will email you instructions for submitting additional information.
Round 3: Pitch! 
The most fundable ideas and teams will be invited to pitch to Guest Investors and industry experts via livestream on Pitch day.
  • If selected to Pitch, you will get:
    • Invaluable feedback to hone your pitch and fundraising strategy.
    • The chance to connect directly with investors who are interested in your startup.
    • To be featured as a selected investment opportunity on social media.

How Do I Get Chosen to Pitch

While BizStart.Live and our venture capital partner, ATO Ventures, will select the majority of startups we invite to pitch, the public will choose 1 “People’s Choice" startup to automatically advance to Pitch! (Please see "How to Enter," above, for more details on People's Choice.)

So, go ahead, get creative, make your video as entertaining as you’d like – just be sure that we understand your product! (Investors will be using the video to make their decisions, too.) You can tag friends, run marketing campaigns, just about anything you’d like to do to draw attention to your video – after all, influence is an important skill for new startups. Just keep it clean and have fun.


Our default schedule for pitch sessions is the first or second Wednesday of every month. This changes depending on holidays and investor availability, etc., but it is a good guess as to when the next session will be. In general, we will complete startup selection within ten days of each session, so we encourage you to submit your information as soon as possible. Tentative dates for the next pitch session can be found in the website footer below.

If you miss the deadline for a particular session, you will automatically be considered for the following session, so it's still a good idea to get your submission in as soon as possible. This will allow more time to gather likes for the next People's Choice!

How Much Does It Cost?

Round 1: Qualify and Round 2: Apply are FREE . For startups selected to Round 3: Pitch there will be a small fee to help offset the costs of processing, production and distribution, etc. Currently, the cost is $525 per startup; however, please note that no startup will be denied due to inability to to pay, nor will financial circumstances impact their application status in any way.  

Why not charge more? BizStart.Live is a mission-driven organization. Our goal is to increase access to capital for startups, especially those in underserved and emerging markets. While there are many conferences at which startups can pitch "for free," they often cannot afford the airfare, hotels, taxis, meals and conference tickets to take part in such opportunities. We want startups to reach many investors at once, but with a cost-effective solution. BizStart.Live does not profit from startup fees, and we will continue to work diligently to have 100% of the costs covered by sponsors and donors in the future.